Thursday , 24 January 2019

Daily Sudanese Newspaper Headlines:

Al-Mejhar: * Talks between "Al-Bashir" and "Tamim" in Doha. * Acquittal of student "Assem Omar" from the charge of killing a policeman and i ...

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Qatar Charity sets up four sewing workshops in Sudan

Qatar Charity (QC), with the support of benefactors in Qatar, has set up four sewing workshops to train the mothers of orphans and underpriv ...

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Libya records ‘highest’ oil revenue in 5 years

Agencies - Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) yesterday announced that it had recorded $24.4 billion in revenues in 2018. According to a ...

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U.S. official: Trump expects to replace Mattis on Jan. 1

Agencies - U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to announce that Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan will take over from Jim Mat ...

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Turkey provides food aid in Yemen

A Turkish aid organization distributed 500 parcels of food aid in Yemen’s southern city of Lahij, as reported on Anadolu Agency. The Turkish ...

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